About Us

About Us

This website is fully developed for kids to learn new things by playing educational games. However, elders can also play few of the games to increase their skills. For Example, Typing games and mouse games. This is a new website which contains Subject games, math games, and games for different grades. Teachers and Parents can trust this website because this is a safe and fun place for School and Home as well.

For Teachers and Parents

Infofully.com is a website where Kids can learn new things by playing educational games. These learning games for kids are based on different subjects and Kids of different ages and different Grades can come and play games here. Games from Pre-K Through 6th grade are offered on infofully.com. These games are Fun, Safe and Educational. All the games are free to play.

Teachers and Parents can feel confident that Children will enjoy a fun and safe experience both at school and at home.

Infofully Does not collect personally identifiable information of the kids and users who come to our website. However, if you have any question you can Contact Us or you can visit Privacy Policy.

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